3 Months, 3 conferences and My 2 ¢

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In the last three months I attended 3 conferences. Of the 3 I can ONLY recommend one. Below are the three conferences I attended and my feedback on each.

CAST ~ August 2013 (http://www.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/conference/cast-2013/)

My 2 ¢: This is the best conference available to anyone in software development. You can meet tons of awesome people in the field that not only present great topics but they also help provide valuable ideas to make the industry better. The conference was planned and organized great. (Full disclosure: My company did sponsor this event this year but we didn’t in previous years. Here is a link to a previous post from 2009, which was before Project Realms sponsored the event on why this is a great conference and associatin)

Favorite Session: It’s actually hard to select just one session as they are all great. Dawn Haynes keynote was beyond enlightening, check it out on YouTube.

Bottom Line: Highly recommend attending every year.


Grace Hopper ~ September 2013 (http://gracehopper.org/2013/)

My 2 ¢: This conference had some good topics but it’s NOT for people already in the technology field. I felt that the conference was really for people that are trying to get the in the field. I was extremely disappointed in the planning as there were multiple sessions that couldn’t even seat the attendees, even if you got to the room 20 minutes in advance. Conference Panels/Boards know how many people are going to attend since they collect our money so my expectation is that you can support the amount of people especially since you didn’t allow for last minute sign-ups. (This conference stopped registration 2 weeks prior to the conference so they should have planned way better)

Favorite Session: Sheryl Sandberg, in conversation with Maria Klawe and Telle Whitney (Actually this is the only session I liked out of the whole conference.)

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Bottom Line: Go to this conference if you are new to the field and/or trying to get back in the field. It’s not worth going if you’re looking to actually learn new ideas.


BigData TechCon ~ October 2013 (http://www.bigdatatechcon.com/SanFrancisco2013/index.html)

My 2 ¢: This conference should have been renamed to the Hadoop User Conference. I was very disappointed that the conference was all about using Hadoop, how to migrate to Hadoop and oh did I mention Hadoop. I am not a Hadoop user and no where on the site did they state this was a Hadoop user conference. Another big disappoint was the “Women in BigData Luncheon”, it was posted that there was a female from Facebook that would be speaking during the lunch. That is not what occurred. It was just a bunch of women in a very small room eating lunch, the men were in a large room. The female from Facebook was there, she stood up and said “Hi, this was my idea to have this lunch so enjoy”, so not what I expected. My expectation was that during the lunch, men & women, would be able to hear this particular female’s insights on BigData, how it’s being used at Facebook, issues and triumphs.  Guess my expectations are too high….

Favorite Session: Creating Value From Data at the Enterprise Level ~ Chris Rogaski.

Bottom Line: ONLY go if you are a DBA and you are using Hadoop or planning on converting to Hadoop.


So that’s my 2 ¢: on the 3 conferences from the last 3 months.  Did you attend any of these or others?  What were your thoughts on the conferences that you attended?  Would you recommend any other conferences?


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10+ Sections That Should Be In Your Software Test Plan

The test plan is very important in any organization. The Test Plan defines the project’s objectives, scope, approach, and focus of its testing efforts. The process of preparing a Test Plan provides an effective way to think through the efforts needed to validate the acceptability of the application under test (AUT).

The Test Plan offers the structure for developing the strategy, plan, procedures, test case specifications, and the time line to conduct the testing efforts for application/project. The test plan also contains the test deliverables for the phases of the project’s testing effort. When completed, it should provide information to the entire project team regarding the whom, what, where, why, and how of product validation.

The Test Plan also supports the following specific objectives:

  1. Identifies the items that should be targeted by the tests.
  2. Identifies the motivation for and ideas behind the test areas to be covered.
  3. Outlines the testing types that will be executed.
  4. Identifies the required resources and provides an estimate of the test efforts.
  5. Lists the deliverable elements of the test project.

The Test Plan document is created during the planning phase.

Below are some key sections that should be part of your test plan:

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose
  3. Audience – This section should state the groups that the document is written for
  4. Abbreviations, Acronyms & Definitions – State the specific terms that will be used in the document.
  5. Requirements for Test – This section should list the project documents (use cases, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, etc.) that have been identified as targets for testing.
  6. Major Milestones & Dependencies – These are testing milestones with their dependencies and corresponding start and end dates. These tasks and dates should line up with the Project Plan
  7. Testing Scope – The primary scope of testing should be to ensure the project objectives and requirements have been met. You should also include the items below so everyone know what exactly is going to be part of the testing effort.
    • List the changes/features that will part of the testing effort
    • List the changes/features that will NOT be part of the testing effort
    • List the planned testing types
    • List the configurations of the testing machines
  8. Test Data – In order to test the AUT against the approved requirements there may need to have new test data created by another group. This section is a good way to list out what your data requirements are so they can be ready before testing starts.
    • List the data requirements for each of the planned testing types
  9. Testing Deliverables – This sections should specify which testing deliverables will be created and delivered to the project team.
  10. Logical & Physical Environments – This section should specify the different environments as well as which testing type will be executed in each.
  11. Applications Affected – This section should list out any other application affected by the project from either incoming or outgoing interfaces.
  12. Assumptions – This section should list out any & all assumptions that were used to create the test plan.
  13. Resources – This section shows the staffing assumptions for the testing effort. Individuals may hold multiple roles. Refer to the QA Roles & Responsibilities for definitions of the responsibilities for each of the roles.
  14. Acceptance Section for Sign Offs – After review of the test plan you should request signoff.
  15. Revision History – Just like any other document a revision history is very important so everyone can see what changes were done and why.

Are there any other sections that you think should be part of the test plan?


The Ultimate List of Items That Every Facebook Page Must Have

Facebook pages are being added every minute but how do you make yours stand out in the crowd?
Here are the key items to that EVERY page should have.
1. It’s own Username so you can promote it with the short url
Tip: Once your page has 25 fans go to http://www.facebook.com/username/. Select the page, enter the preferred username and check it’s availability.
(If you don’t have 25 fans use the “Suggest To Friends” link on your page)

2. Category and subcategory, which will change what kind of info is included in your Page’s description.
Tip: Click “Edit Page,” then “Basic Information” to select your category and subcategory.
Facebook Category

3. Welcome Tab, which allows you to greet new fans with a nice warm welcome.
Tip: Install Static FBML by clicking on “Add to my Page” in the upper-left. Go to your Page and click the link, “Edit Page” & scroll down until you see “FBML”. Click on the “Application Settings” link. Click “add” next to the Tab field and click Okay. You’ve now just added a blank Tab called “FBML” to your Page. Customize Away.

After you create you Welcome tab, click “Edit Page,” then “Manage Permissions” to select your new Default Landing Tab.
Facebook Default Landing Page

4. Featured Photos. Just like profile page fan pages now have the top photo strip to allow you to feature the photos you want. The main difference is that on fan pages the photos are random.
Tip: Select photos that relate to your page/business.

5. Add Some Apps. Pages can have have different apps installed for fans to check out.
Tip: Only add apps that relate to your page. Have a YouTube video? Well there’s an app for you to allow the posting of YouTube videos on your page. One of my favorite apps is Social Tweet, which not only pulls your tweets from Twitter but you let you fans post to Twitter from your page.

Facebook Social Tweet

6. Quality Content. Just because you post updated every 30 minutes doesn’t mean your fans are interested. Just like everything else it’s all about the Quality not the Quantity

What other items do you think Facebook pages should have?


The Ultimate Roundup of Software Testing Magazines

Software testing has expanded over the years, there are more and more magazines being published. Here is a roundup of magazines that focus on software testing.

Automated Software Testing Magazine Automated Software Testing Magazine Electronic version is Free – Print version $$

The Automated Software Testing (AST) Magazine is a quarterly Automated Testing Institute magazine geared towards IT professionals involved in Software Quality Engineering. This magazine is an excellent source of relevant, up-to-date information from the world of automated software testing. Each issue contains contemporary test automation concepts and approaches provided by industry experts and practitioners, which will help the reader more effectively implement test automation in their own projects.
Better Software Better Software Electronic version is $$

Better Software is the magazine for software professionals who care about quality. Each issue brings you relevant, timely information to help you build better software. Continuing to deliver in-depth articles on testing, tools, defect tracking, metrics, and management, it’s the only commercial magazine exclusively dedicated to software professionals. Within the pages of each issue you’ll find heavy hitting articles about solutions to common management problems, coverage on emerging technologies, and more. You’ll benefit from expert analysis and real-world case studies in the areas of Testing & Analysis, Managing People & Teams, and Tools & Techniques.

Print version is only available in the US.

CODE  CODE Magazine Electronic version is Free – Print version $$

The Leading Independent .NET Magazine – Featuring articles on Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, PLINQ, PowerPivot, SQL Server
coremag.eu  cOre Electronic version is Free – Registration Required

Magazine for Testers and IT Experts.
Journal for Quality and Participation CrossTalk Magazine Electronic version $$ – Print version not available
CrossTalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering, is an approved U.S. Department of Defense journal. CrossTalk’s mission is to encourage the engineering development of software in order to improve the reliability, sustainability, and responsiveness of our warfighting capability and to inform and educate readers on up-to-date policy decisions and new software engineering technologies.
Journal for Quality and Participation (IN)SECURE Magazine Electronic version $$ – Print version not available
A free digital security publication discussing some of the hottest information security topics.
Journal for Quality and Participation Journal for Quality and Participation Electronic version $$ – Print version not available

Published by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in the interest of expanding the knowledge and practice of leadership, employee involvement, and other processes that encourage and enable people to participate in decisions that affect quality, customer satisfaction, and the performance of their organizations.

Dilbert on Time Magazine
Methods & Tools Electronic version is Free – Print version not available

A free software development magazine on Software Testing, Project Management, Programming (Java,.NET, Ruby on Rails, Ajax), UML, Agile (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, TDD), Requirements, Databases, Software Process Improvement, Tools
Professional Tester Professional Tester Electronic version is Free – Print version $$
Quality Progress Quality Progress Electronic version $$ – Print version $$

ASQ’s flagship publication, read by more people than any other magazine on quality, features in-depth articles describing the application of innovative methods. Topics include knowledge management, process improvement and organizational behavior.
SD Times SD Times Electronic & Print version are Free

BZ Media’s publishes Software Development Times, the first and only newspaper for the software development industry.

This one isn’t specific to just software testing but has some great articles and a good read. I personally get the print version of this one.

Software Test & Quality Assurance Software Test & Quality Assurance Electronic version is Free

The focus of the new bi-monthly magazine – Software Test & Quality Assurance – is on testing, how testing interacts with other functions in the software development life cycle and expands the conversation into software development. Join now to receive your publication at home and access to the archives
Software Quality Professional Magazine Software Quality Professional Magazine Electronic & Print versions $$
Tea-time with Testers Tea-time with Testers Electronic version is Free

A monthly ezine dedicated to the software testing community.
T.E.S.T Magazine T.E.S.T Magazine Electronic & Print versions are Free

Is published in print and digital format six times a year for directors, managers, and senior professionals who are aligned with software testing & QA.
Testing Circus Testing Circus Electronic version is Free
Testing Circus will be published every month. This journal will contain various subjects on software testing including: Basics of software testing. Test Cases on various applications/items/subjects. Tools guidance. Book reviews. Interviews of testing professionals. Testing News and Update. Testing Blogs/sites to follow. Professional Guidance. Tips and Tricks on Testing
Testing Experience Testing Experience
Electronic version is free – Print version $$

Do you know any other testing magazines that should be added to the list?

Don’t forget to bookmark this page as I will be updating it as I find more magazines.

Updated On: 8/7/2014


The Ultimate Roundup of RSS Directories to Promote Your RSS Feeds To For Free

There are tons of RSS directories that you could promote your feeds to for FREE. Below is a roundup of directories that you can submit your feeds to in order to help you get more traffic.

NOTE: I do not recommend going to each directory today. Bookmark this page and stagger your submissions so you can can a steady stream of traffic.

The links below will either take you directly to the submit form or the registration page.

  1. 4GuysFromRolla

  2. All Inclusive Links

    All Inclusive Links
  3. Blog Collector Blog & RSS

    Blog Collector
  4. Blogbal Reciprocal Link Required

  5. blogBunch Blog & RSS

  6. Bloggapedia Registration Required – Blog & RSS

  7. Blogdigger

  8. Blogoculars Registration Required

  9. BlogPulse Blog & RSS

  10. Feed Shark

    Feed Shark
  11. FeedAgg

  12. Feedage Registration Required

  13. FEEDCAT.NET Registration Required

  14. Feedgy

  15. FeedListing

  16. feedNuts Registration Required – Blog & RSS

  17. FeedoOyoo Registration Required

  18. GoldenFeed

  19. Icerocket

  20. LeighRSS

  21. metaFeeder

  22. MillionRSS

  23. Minnesota Registration Required

  24. NewzAlert Registration Required

  25. Plazoo

  26. Read a blog

    Read a blog
  27. RSS-Network

  28. RSSbuffet

  29. rssfeeddirectory

  30. RSSMicro

  31. RSSMotron

  32. RSStop10

  33. SolarWarp

  34. Xmeta

  35. zimbio Registration Required


Do you know any other RSS Directories that should be added to the list?

Don’t forget to bookmark this page as I will be updating it as I find more directories.


Quality Assurance Roles and Responsibilities

There are various roles on projects, some people may play more than one role. You should always check with your organizations testing methodology on what your role(s) are. Below is a breakdown of quality assurance roles and responsibilities:

Phase: All

    Test Lead

    • Oversees all testing staff and activities for all assigned applications
    • Ensures all testing standards are being met
    • Serves as an escalation point for issues involving testing
    • Serves as a resource and communication point for decisions about test schedule changes
    • Provides weekly status report that includes testing metrics

    Test Analyst

    • Follows testing standards
    • Provide Test Lead with input for weekly status report

    Performance Analyst

    • Follows testing standards
    • Provide Test Lead with input for weekly status report

Phase: Planning

    Test Lead

    • Review Project Artifacts
    • Works with project team to define and create overall strategy and ensures that it is being achieved
    • Communicates the test strategy to the Project Manager and Development Team
    • Define test process including required test activities and deliverables
    • Identifies test resources, estimates test effort and defines test schedule and milestones
    • Ensures technical resources are organized for effective support of testing
    • Conducts walk-through of Test Strategy

    Test Analyst

    • Collaborate with Test Lead on creation of Test Strategy
    • Collaborates with Test Lead on estimating testing effort
    • Participates in walk-through of Test Strategy

    Performance Analyst

    • Establishes and maintains performance testing guidelines for both manual and automated testing.
    • Determine application architecture, configuration, and performance requirements

    Project Manager

    • Develop and manage the project schedule
    • Provide direction and assign responsibil-ities when needed.
    • Manage Change Control process
    • Act as resource to Test Lead for information to create Test Strategy
    • Participate in Test Strategy walk-through
    • Approve Test Strategy

    Business Analyst

    • Act as resource to Test Lead for information to create Test Strategy
    • Participate in Test Strategy walk-through
    • Approve Test Strategy


Phase: Construction

    Test Lead

    • Review Requirements
    • Review Logical and Physical designs
    • Create Test Plan
    • Create UAT Test plan for End Users
    • Conduct walk-through of Test Plan
    • Ensures traceability of test cases back to project requirements
    • Be available as resource to Test Analyst in creation of test cases
    • Participate in walkthrough of test cases
    • Approve test cases
    • Assess progress, escalate issues, and manage technical decisions

    Test Analyst

    • Review Requirements
    • Review Logical and Physical Designs
    • Collaborate with Test Lead to create Test Plan
    • Participate in walk-through of Test Plan
    • Approve Test Plan
    • Create Test Cases (manual and automated, if applicable) and Requirements matrix
    • Conduct walk-through of test cases
    • Approve Test Cases

    Performance Analyst

    • Develops and maintains automated performance test scripts.

    Project Manager

    • Be available as resource for test team in regards to questions that arise with Requirements and Design documents
    • Participate in walk-through and provide approval of Test Plan

    Business Analyst

    • Create Requirements Documentation
    • Be available as resource for test team in regards to questions that arise with Requirements and test case creation
    • Act as resource to Test Lead for information to create Test Plan
    • Participate in walk-through and provide approval of Test Plan
    • Participate in walk-through of test cases


    • Create Logical and Physical Design Documents
    • Review requirements and other and other project documentation
    • Be available as resource for test team in regards to questions that arise with Requirements and test case creation
    • Participate in walk-through and provide approval of Test Plan
    • Participate in walk-through of test cases

    End User (SME)

    • Be available as resource for test team in regards to questions that arise with Requirements and Design documents
    • With assistance from test team, create UAT test cases

Phase: Execution

    Test Lead

    • Conduct Test Readiness Assessment
    • Execute manual test cases automated test scripts, if applicable
    • Log and review issues and defects identified by testers
    • Collect testing sign-off from all testing participants
    • Ensures that all aspects of testing, such as : manual execution, regression, automation, and performance are completed
    • Create Test Completion Report for promotion recommendation.

    Test Analyst

    • Conduct Test Readiness Assessment
    • Execute manual test cases automated test scripts, if applicable
    • Participate in defect reviews
    • Collaborate with Test Lead in creating Test Completion Report for promotion recommendation

    Performance Analyst

    • Performs load, stress, and performance testing and analyzes results
    • Provides performance and usage reports

    Project Manager

    • Participate in defect reviews
    • Consult with Test Lead on review and creation of Test Completion report
    • Approve Test Completion Report.

    Business Analyst

    • Participate in defect reviews
    • Approve Test Completion Report.


    • Coordinate and conduct Unit Testing
    • Participate in defect reviews
    • Collaborate with test team when conducting Test Readiness Assessment
    • Investigate and resolve defects/issues
    • Update defect/issues log with state and resolution.

    End User (SME)

    • Participate in UAT test execution, reporting defects and test findings to the Test Lead
    • Notify Test Lead of any issues impeding progress of testing.
    • Provide approval of promotion recommend-ation contained in Test Completion Report

Dilbert RolesPhase: Closure

    Test Lead

    • Provide final Test Completion report for entire project
    • Finalize and archive all Test Deliverables
    • Participate in project closure activities
    • Support the project warranty period, if applicable

    Test Analyst

    • Finalize and archive all test deliverables
    • Participate in project closure activities
    • Support the project warranty period , if applicable

    Performance Analyst

    • Provides final Performance Findings Report

    Project Manager

    • Performs project closure procedures
    • Provide support to team during project warranty period

    Business Analyst

    • Provide support during project warranty period


    • Provide support during project warranty period

    End User (SME)

    • Be available as resource during project warranty period

Phase: Maintenance

    Test Lead

    • Provide testing deliverables and test execution as needed if test team is responsible for on-going maintenance

    Test Analyst

    • Provide testing deliverables and test execution as needed if test team is responsible for on-going maintenance

    Performance Analyst

    • Rerun Performance tests, if needed

    Project Manager

    • Provide project deliverables and support to project team, if project team is responsible for on-going maintenance

    Business Analyst

    • Provide On-going support to project team, if applicable


    • Provide on-going development support, if applicable

    End User (SME)

    • Be available as resource during on-going maintenance activities, if applicable

What role(s) have you played on your projects?


The Ultimate Roundup Of Websites To Promote Your Tutorials To For Free

Your wrote your tutorial. You tweeted your tutorial on Twitter. You posted your tutorial to your FaceBook Fan Page. You posted your tutorial to your FaceBook Profile. Then you wait… and wait.. and wait some more. You ask yourself “Where are all the visitors? Did I reach as many people as I could?”

There are hundreds of websites that you could promote your tutorial on for FREE. Check out “The Ultimate Roundup of Websites to Promote Your Design Articles For Free” for submitting your articles. Below is a roundup of websites that you can submit your tutorials to in order to help you get more traffic.

NOTE: I do not recommend going to each site and posting every single tutorial you’ve ever written. Only post the tutorial that are relevant to the site you are submitting to.

The links below will either take you directly to the submit form or the main page where you will see a form on the right hand side.

  1. 10Steps.SG

  2. Best Design Tutorials

    Best Design Tutorials
  3. Best Photoshop Tutorials

    Best Photoshop Tutorials
  4. Capital Tutorials

    Capital Tutorials
  5. CG Links Registration Required

    CG Links
  6. CMS tutorial Registration Required

    CMS tutorial
  7. CSSReflex

  8. delicious Registration Required

  9. design bump Registration Required

    design bump
  10. Design Chair

    Design Chair
  11. design float Registration Required

    design float
  12. DesignGizer Registration Required

  13. digg Registration Required

  14. DZone Registration Required

  15. FAQ PAL Registration Required

  16. favSHARE Registration Required

  17. FlashPerfection Registration Required

  18. FSTutorials Registration Required

  19. GfxTuts

  20. Good-Tutorials Registration Required

  21. Graphic Design Links Registration Required

    Graphic Design Links
  22. Graphics@V7n

  23. joyoge Registration Required

  24. Luxa Registration Required

  25. noupe

  26. Photoshop 911

    Photoshop 911
  27. Photoshop Lover

    Photoshop Lover
  28. Photoshop Roadmap Registration Required

    Photoshop Roadmap
  29. Pixel2Life

  30. Pixel Groovy! Registration Required

    Pixel Groovy!
  31. PSDTop Registration Required

  32. Pure Graphics

    Pure Graphics
  33. Pxleyes


  34. Scarletbits

  35. Sharebrain Registration Required

  36. Squidoo Registration Required

  37. StumbleUpon Registration Required

  38. SurfnLearn Registration Required to Edit Tutorial

  39. t-tutorials Need to email them the tutorial you want to submit

  40. TipClique Registration Required

  41. Toxiclab Registration Required

  42. Tutable Registration Required

  43. The Tutorialist

    The Tutorialist
  44. Tutorial Advisor

    Tutorial Advisor
  45. Tutorial Center Registration Required

    Tutorial Center
  46. Tutorial Index Registration Required

    Tutorial Index
  47. Tutorial Man Registration Required

    Tutorial Man
  48. TutorialFeed

  49. Tutorialing Registration Required

  50. TutorialKit Registration Required

  51. Tutorials Palace

    Tutorials Palace
  52. Tutorialsphere Registration Required

  53. Tutorialized Registration Required

  54. Tutorials Expert Registration Required

    Tutorials Expert
  55. Tutorials Garden Registration Required

    Tutorials Garden
  56. Tutorio

  57. The Web Blend Registration Required

    The Web Blend
  58. Webmaster Tutorials Registration Required

    Webmaster Tutorials
  59. woork

  60. WordPress Arena

    WordPress Arena

Do you know any other sites that should be added to the list?

Don’t forget to bookmark this page as I will be updating it as I find more sites.

Updated On: 10/21/2010


The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

Almost everyone is using Social Media one way or another. Social media is transforming the way we communicate with each other. This post is not about telling you that what you are doing is right or wrong. This post is just a helpful way of pointing out the Do’s and Don’ts, courtesy of The Steel Method.

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media for Business

What are your Do’s & Don’ts?


You Mean I Could Make Money and Get Traffic? 15+ Great Tips

There are so many blogs out there in the blogger sphere so you need to be able to why not stand out from the crowd. Write great content that is fresh, makes sense and interesting. Once the visitors start coming to your blog you may want to make some money, either to help pay for the blog hosting, earn an extra income, etc.

There’s a variety of ways to make money with your blogs but the key is to not lose your subscribers and/or irritate your visitors.

Below are some simple ways you could start to make money and build traffic to your site:

  • You could sell ad space on your site.
    • KEY: Make sure the ads are relevant to your blog
  • You could ask your visitors for donations
  • You could sell merchandise on your blog, whether it being via CafeExpress or your own ebooks.
  • You could write reviews about other products/services. Sponsored Reviews provides a place where bloggers can find advertisers looking for reviews.
  • You could setup a job board on your site
  • You could become an affiliate for a company and post their ads/banners on your site. You’ll notice that I have a banner for Amazon in the right sidebar

Dilbert Personal Blog An Getting Fired

TIP: Don’t post anything that could get you in trouble.

  • You could sponsor certain columns/events
  • You could create a private section either for a forum/classified ads where members would have to pay a membership fee
  • You could run a paid survey or poll
  • You could offer mentoring/consulting services
  • You could use pop-ups and pop-unders. I am not a fan of this one at all but still thought I’d list it since some people still think it’s great.
  • You could spread the word about your blog via social media on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • You could create a Facebook Fan Page. Speaking of Fan Pages, are you a fan of this blog?
  • You could create a list of a popular topic that YOU are familiar with. People love lists.
  • You could enter contests
  • You could post comments on other blogs/forums. Did you know that by adding a comment on this blog that you are not only providing your thoughts but you are also providing all other visitors with a link back to your site, Twitter account, Facebook page, etc? So let’s get commenting.

How do you make money from your blog? What routes have you found to work the best?


SEO What? SEO How? Great Tips For All

Have you heard of this thing called search engine optimization (SEO)? You know the process of improving ranking in search engine results. There are lots of articles, tips & blogs out there on SEO. There are some great tips out there and since you don’t have time to read every single blog/article I thought I’d give you the quick run down of what you should & shouldn’t do:

  1. Check those tags.
    • Verify that you have tags on EVERY page for your titles, headings, keywords, hyperlinks & images
    • Verify that your title tag is no more than 60 characters.
    • Verify that your title is an eye catcher making visitors want know more
    • Verify that your meta description is no more than 155 characters
    • Verify that your keywords match the content
  2. Got a map? A sitemap that is.
    • Verify that you have a available for your visitors and the search engines
    • Verify that you have submitted your sitemap to the search engines.
  3. Check the robots file
    • Verify that you have a robots.txt file
    • Verify that you mark the correct folders as “Disallow” so the robots focus on your content
  4. Don’t cloak
    • Cloaking is a technique of delivering a certain set of pages to search engine crawlers, while at the same time delivering a completely different set of pages to your visitors. Don’t do this as it will get you banned for the search engines.
  5. Dilbert on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  6. How’s your content?
    • Write valuable content. Visitors & search engines like valuable content.
    • Do NOT duplicate content. No body wants to click different links just to end up seeing the same content.
    • Do NOT hide text like putting keywords in your background. This is called keyword stuffing and search engines do not like it.
  7. Don’t forget the competition
    • Check how your competition is doing in the search engines, what keywords are working for them and not you
    • Check to see what their quality and quantity of incoming links
  8. Fix those file names
    • Don’t have file names for images or docs that make no sense. If it’s an image of a boat name it boat not IMG001.
    • Have images that match your keywords.
  9. Checklists & Validators
    • Checklists and validators are great to use to make sure your site is search engine friendly as well as working.
    • Verify there are no broken links on your site by using a link checker every few months.
    • Analyze your HTML & CSS to check to see if it’s up to date with the latest technology
  10. Link Building
    • Link building is great but don’t go overboard.
    • Get linked to sites that are relevant to your content.
  11. Social Media
    • It’s important to get on the social media sites because not only are they good for networking but they are also search engine friendly.

I hope these tips help you with your SEO efforts. Do you have any other tips?