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15+ Sections That Should Be In A Testing Methodology

The testing methodology is very important in any organization. This document lays the foundation for the testing group. It’s main purpose is to set consistency and discipline to the testing process. It guides you through the process by defining why testing is being done, who is testing, what is produced during the various phases, and when it testing should be included in a project.

You do not need to state specific names/dates/project specific in this document. Project specifics will be in your test plan/test strategy documents.

Dilbert 2010-03-07 Quality Assurance

Below are some key sections that should be part of your testing methodology:

  1. Introduction
  2. Vision
  3. Cost Benefits
  4. Quality Assurance (QA) vs. Quality Control (QC)
  5. Purpose of Testing – Keep in mind that other project team members will see this document so it is always a good idea to state the purpose.
  6. Phases of Testing
  7. Types of testing and what phase they are planned to be conducted
  8. Definitions (Just because you know what a term means doesn’t mean everyone else does)
  9. Roles & Responsibilities
  10. Testing Process – State if you will be using iterative/waterfall/agile/etc. State when the testing process begins. NOTE: You should always start the testing process sooner than later.
  11. State what documents will be reviewed by the testing team
  12. State what documents will be created by the testing team & what phase(s) in the project lifecycle the documents will be created
  13. Resources needed
  14. Maintenance procedures
  15. Environment breakdown
  16. What type of testing/task is executed/completed sting phases and what testing will be conducted
  17. Tools used by the testing team

Are there any other sections that you think should be part of the testing methodology?