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My name is Jay Philips and I want to thank you for visiting my personal blog. I am a highly experienced leader with a focus in business intelligence and software development team building. The posts on this site are cover a variety of topics ranging from quality assurance to seo to web design to just about anything. Don’t be surprised if you see a post about something that is out of whack.

Over the years, I have concentrated on learning more about the entire software life cycle, quality process and controls for a project. I am familiar with a variety of testing tools which support a full software and system life cycle including requirements tracking, configuration management, defect tracking, test team management and automated regression test tools. In doing so, I have used metrics as a means to measure a project’s success.

I founded Project Realms, Inc because I saw a need for leadership, creation, maintenance and execution of development and testing activities.

Project Realms is a software consulting firm specializes in all aspects of a software project with emphasis on project management, quality assurance and development. Reporting statistics to my Clients’ management teams is vital for project success and satisfied clients.To learn more about Project Realms, go to http://www.projectrealms.com

TeamQualityPro (TQP) is a real-time integrated platform to evaluate the entire ecosystem of Application projects and development resources with drill down investigation into specific team activity. The dashboards present on demand information to make informed assessments from any location at any time. To learn more about the our big data dashboards, go to http://www.teamqualitypro.com