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LondonTester Is Helping Software Testing Professionals Find Jobs

I previously wrote a post on sites that can help you find your next QA job. In that post I listed a newcomer site called LondonTester. The site is now live.


Even though I’m in the US I thought it would be an interesting site not only for jobs but for great testing resources as well. I’ve been keeping up with the latest info on Twitter & Facebook. Below is my thoughts on the site.

  • The site is very nicely designed
  • I really like how user friendly the site is. It’s very easy to navigate & find what you are looking for
  • They offer a place for testers to blog. Even if you already have a blog you can post there as well.
  • The testing resources section is great. LondonTester has gathered some really good videos/presentation related to the field for testers to check out.

You can keep up with LondonTester on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What are your thoughts about LondonTester?