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20+ Sections That Should Be In Your Testing Strategy

The Test Strategy defines the general approach that will be employed to test the software and to evaluate the results of testing. It outlines the testing approach, identifies the required resources and communication plan and lists the deliverable elements of the project.

This Test Strategy also supports the following specific objectives:

  1. Identifies the items that should be targeted by the tests.
  2. Identifies the motivation for and ideas behind the test areas to be covered.
  3. Outlines the testing approach that will be used.
  4. Identifies the required resources.
  5. Identifies the communication plan.
  6. Lists the deliverable elements of the test project.

The Testing Strategy document is created during the planning phase. You should check your organizations templates to see if there is pre-made template you should follow for your project.

Below are some key sections that should be part of your testing strategy:

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose
  3. Scope of Testing
  4. Audience
  5. Abbreviations, Acronyms & Definitions – State the specific terms that will be used in the document.
  6. Testing Phases
  7. Testing Types – At the time of planning all testing types should be considered. In the specific test plans you can state which testing type will be performed in the phase/iteration.
  8. Objectives of the testing types
  9. State who is responsible for the conducting the testing type
  10. State which environment the testing type is planed to be performed in.
  11. Test Approach
  12. Estimation of testing effort
  13. Testing Risks
  14. Testing Dependencies
  15. Testing Assumptions
  16. Testing Issues & Risks
  17. Environments – list the different environments that are part of the project
  18. Environment Entrance Criteria
  19. Environment Exit Criteria
  20. Tools – Specify which tools are used by the testing tools
  21. Resources – Specify if there are any staffing or training needs as well
    Dilbert Training Manual
  22. Milestones
  23. Deliverables – Specify when the distribution cycle as well as the intended recipients.
  24. Types of testing and what phase they are planned to be conducted

Are there any other sections that you think should be part of the testing strategy?