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28 sites to help you search Twitter and more

Have you noticed that the more and more we use Twitter the more and more new tools & sites show up?  There’s so many of these sites & tools popping up that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s out there.

Here is a list of sites that can be used for searching Twitter friends, tweets and much more.

  • AskTwitr – Shows a map of recent tweets above the results.
  • BackTweets – Type in a URL and see the results, which are simply tweets that mention said URL.
  • Flaptor Twitter Search – A simple Twitter search engine. You can get an RSS feed out of your search query as well.
  • #hashtag – Allows you to search by hashtag, great for conferences & webinars
  • IceRocket – Lets you search Twitter, MySpace, Blogs & the web all in one place.
  • Musebin – Search for tweets that match your musical interests.
  • Nearby Tweets – Just as the name says, it searches for fellow tweeters near you.
  • Terraminds – Search for specific users or tweets.
  • TweepSearch – Allows you to search tweeters bios.
  • Tweetag – Allows you to search for tweets.
  • TweetGrid – Search for up to 9 different topics, events, converstations, hashtags, phrases, people, groups, etc in real-time
  • Twitter Search Engines

    Twitter Search Engines

  • Tweet Scan – This is a search engine for Twitter indexing all the public messages on Twitter.
  • Twellow – Allows you to search by user, occupation, company – This one is great and you should get listed on it as well. I am.
  • twendz – Highlights conversation themes and sentiment of the tweets you are interested in.
  • twithority– Finds tweet for you and displays them in an authority ranking system.
  • Twibs – Twitter business directory. Is your company listed? Mine is.
  • TwitDir – Allows user to search for users by name, location, or username. (NOTE Message on their site still shows offline so hopefully they will be back soon)
  • Twits Like Me – This tool helps you find people on Twitter who share your interests.
  • TwitSeek – Searches for URLs twittered along with the keyword.
  • TwitScoop – Real time search, with a tag cloud.
  • Twitterment – A search engine for Twitter powered by Google search.
  • Twitterfall – View latest ‘tweets’ of upcoming trends and custom searches (the tweets fall from the top of the screen)
  • TwitterTroll – A search engine for Twitter that allows you to find new friends.
  • Twitterverse – Search through archived public timelines and tweets.
  • TwitterWho – Using this, you can search for multiple queries on Twitter at one go.
  • Twopopular – Provides links to trends right now, last 2 hours, 8 hours, day, week or month
  • Twubble – This also helps find people who share your interests on Twitter. It brings our profiles who your current friends are already following.
  • zeitbase – Search Twitter and tweets by word

Please comment below on any other search sites that should be added to the list. Check back often as this list grows.

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