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Its official…Words from a Purple Mind

After much debate and running into too many limitations with the Ning platform I have decided to move my personal blogs to WordPress. The blogs I posted on the All Realms Ning platform are still available and each of the converted blogs do provide a link back to the original blog. I haven’t been able to pull the previous comments yet so let’s just say we’re starting fresh for now.

If/when I am able to pull the previous comments over I will update this blog and the appropriate blogs so everyone can check it out.

I will still blog on the All Realms website and keep the site going since it is a growing network for great tips & tricks.

Due to even higher prices from Ning, it was decided to shut down the All Realms site and revamp new.  This mean previous posts no longer have a link back.

Check back often as I will be adding/modifying things on this site as I go since I am still playing with the widgets.

So what do you think? Any ideas of some changes I should make? (Like how you don’t have to login or be a member to comment now?)