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Do you think before you post?

This is just my two cents so take it as you may.

Google Search Results for Jay PhilipsBefore you write a blog or post a comment do you step back and think who might see it?

If you are not already thinking about what you are posting on the Internet you might want to start. Just think “If I post this and my boss sees it would I lose my job?” If the answer is yes, maybe, not sure then don’t post it.

Another thing you should think about before you post are your profiles. Do you realize that Google crawlers can drill down to person’s profile? I Googled my name, I wasn’t worried because all my profiles are the same on each network. Nor do I post any pictures that may get me in hot water in any way.

What do you think? Do you think before you post? If you are not currently thinking before you post will you start to now?

Is there anything else you think others should know about this? Please post your thoughts/comments below.