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Archive for February 2009

It’s not about the number of followers…

This is just my two cents so take it as you may.

I haven’t written a blog that focuses on just Twitter but due to the extreme number of tweets I’ve seen since yesterday I thought this was needed. Since yesterday there has been many tweets about a site called tweetgreeter. I am in no way recommending the site since I think it’s a joke. The point of the site is to just add followers as fast as you can.

Don’t do this…even if Dilbert says so

On 2/1/2009 the Dilbert comic strip had the pointy haired boss telling Asok to create profiles and write positive reviews. This is not a good thing to do. You should not make up ghost/fake profiles just to pump up your product/service. Nor should you write comments that defame your competitors, that’s just wrong. You wouldn’t want your competitors to do it to you.