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Top 10 Classified Submission Tips

These tips can make the difference between good and no results when submitting to online classifieds.

1. Short is better
Your goal should only be to get the potential client to your website for more information. Keep it short and sweet in the ad

2. Call to action
Use action words (i.e. Now, amazing, attractive, confidential, limited.). These words call the potential client to do something.

3. Make it unique
Find a way to make your product appear unique to other similar products on the market that are available. You do the for your website so why not do it for your ad as well

4.Spark interest
Make sure the ad is interesting. Would it interest you?

5. Remember classified ads rotate
Online classifieds are different. The ads on the sites rotate. This means that you must post your ads regularly (this means you will need a schedule), and as in all advertising, you have one chance to grab the customer’s attention. More than likely you will have about 10 seconds to grab the reader’s attention

6. NO spamming
Posting the same ad over and over and over in a row is called “SPAMMING”. Spamming will get your ads banned from all sites. In addition, research has shown that clients that see the same ad many times in a row do not respond. No one likes a “Spammer”.

7. What’s working?
Track and monitor your results. This is critical. If your ad does not attract results, change the ad with the next posting to one that will track. You need to know what ads are working. Your frame of mind should be to learn through trial and error.

8. Don’t sell me here
DO NOT try to sell your customer on your product directly through the ad. Let your website do the selling.

9. Make a schedule
DO NOT underestimate the power of having a schedule. Post the same ads every 5-7 days. No more, No less. This keeps your ads in front of potential customer’s and avoids spamming.

10. Product saturation
You more than likely will not achieve good advertising results from a product that is already saturated on the Internet, or a product that is so obscure that it has no perceived value.


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  • Very helpful tips for the advertisers while advertising on the classified websites.Thanx for sharing.