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MindSurf Conference Feedback

On 10/28/2008 I attended the 1st annual MindSurf Conference, which had various sessions for Business Analysis, Project Management and more. The sessions I thought that stood above the rest were:

  • So Who Does What Anyway? Sorting out Business Analysis and Project Management
  • Enterprise Analysis: Finding the Heart and Head of the Organization
  • Getting to Requirements: Developing New Elicitation Methods

All the sessions I listed above were presented by Dr. Hansen. The sessions very interesting because he not only made the information informative he also used real life scenarios so attendees could relate.

The other session I attend which was absolutely amazing was the Insights Discovery Experience which was presented by Scott Schwefel. Everyone had the chance to get a personal profile done, which helps you not only understand yourself but how you are actually perceived by others.

I recommend that everyone should take a look at the getting a personal profile completed.

I look forward to next years conference as I’m sure it will be amazing.