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Social Media

Tips from the CEO of LinkedIn (Free Activity Tracker)

If you are asking what is LinkedIn or have been with LinkedIn for awhile this video/blog is for you.

Back in early March CNN held an interview with the CEO of LinkedIn. Reid Hoffman answered questions on how to use LinkedIn. Notice that in the video there is a comment that FaceBook is not something you should use at work.

Is Twitter advertising coming?

Have you logged into Twitter recently? If you login today you will notice a new box with a link to widgets/twitter search. It even gives you a definition of what they are if you don’t already know. I have a feeling that this is just a test and pretty soon we will see “Advertise Here” links. My only wish is that they do not start having pop-ups. I personally am not a fan of popups.

Search for what you need using Social Media

We are all searching for something almost 90% of the time. Either we are searching for our next job, an old friend, new gossip, etc. Even though we are all searching for different things we can all use the same tools to find what we need/want.

It’s not about the number of followers…

This is just my two cents so take it as you may.

I haven’t written a blog that focuses on just Twitter but due to the extreme number of tweets I’ve seen since yesterday I thought this was needed. Since yesterday there has been many tweets about a site called tweetgreeter. I am in no way recommending the site since I think it’s a joke. The point of the site is to just add followers as fast as you can.

Don’t do this…even if Dilbert says so

On 2/1/2009 the Dilbert comic strip had the pointy haired boss telling Asok to create profiles and write positive reviews. This is not a good thing to do. You should not make up ghost/fake profiles just to pump up your product/service. Nor should you write comments that defame your competitors, that’s just wrong. You wouldn’t want your competitors to do it to you.

Interactive Social Media Map

Overdrive Interactive has put together a great social media map. This map lists out the sites best used for different areas of social media. As we all know social media is huge so the more you can get the word out about who you are and what you represent the better.

Twellow can be used to increase connections

Some of you use Twitter but do you use Twellow as well? Twellow pulls your updates from Twitter and posts them in the categories you select. You can get listed in 10 different categories.

If you want to connect with people who have experience and expertise in your areas of interest then this is the place to go.