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50+ Sites to Help You Search for Tweets, Trends and More

There is so much going on with Twitter. Links, trends, topics and more but how do you keep up? Here is a list of sites that can be used for searching Twitter friends, tweets and much more.

NOTE: This also includes the sites I previously listed in the blog “28 sites to help you search Twitter and more

List of Helpful Sites for Xcelsius

Xcelsius allows you to create interactive dashboards for your personal use or your organization. You can create the dashboards from Microsoft Excel or a live data source, and export your dashboard to a another format – Microsoft Office, Flash (SWF) files, Adobe PDF, and Adobe Air.

Xcelsius Engage 2008

Xcelsius Engage 2008

Twitter Badges, Buttons, Counters and Widgets

Here is a list of Twitter badges, buttons, counters & widgets:

  • Chris’ Twitter Badge – a simple javascript badge that matches Twitter.com’s color scheme.
  • Jon Aquino’s Twitter Badge – a modification of the official Javascript web badge that shows multiple recent tweets and fixes a date parsing issue in IE.

Its official…Words from a Purple Mind

After much debate and running into too many limitations with the Ning platform I have decided to move my personal blogs to WordPress. The blogs I posted on the All Realms Ning platform are still available and each of the converted blogs do provide a link back to the original blog. I haven’t been able to pull the previous comments yet so let’s just say we’re starting fresh for now.

Tips from the CEO of LinkedIn (Free Activity Tracker)

If you are asking what is LinkedIn or have been with LinkedIn for awhile this video/blog is for you.

Back in early March CNN held an interview with the CEO of LinkedIn. Reid Hoffman answered questions on how to use LinkedIn. Notice that in the video there is a comment that FaceBook is not something you should use at work.

Is Twitter advertising coming?

Have you logged into Twitter recently? If you login today you will notice a new box with a link to widgets/twitter search. It even gives you a definition of what they are if you don’t already know. I have a feeling that this is just a test and pretty soon we will see “Advertise Here” links. My only wish is that they do not start having pop-ups. I personally am not a fan of popups.